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Computer Security Ontologies

Just by chance, I stumbled over a set of computer security ontologies that the US Navy Center for High Assurance Computing Systems has apparently been working on as a part of a SOA security project 4SEA. From that page:

The NRL Security Ontology was designed with the following objectives in mind:

  • Describe security related information applicable to all types of resources

  • Provide the ability to annotate security related information in various levels of detail for various environments (both commercial and military)

  • Create ontologies that are easy to extend and provide reusability

  • Facilitate mapping of higher-level (mission-level) security requirements to lower-level (resource-level) capabilities

It's a bit difficult to tell where they are going with this, but with the emphasis on web services, UDDI and MDA, it looks similar to Data Centric Security.

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